Meet J Raymond Pearson, Jr., CPA

I’m always amused by the “about me” page on websites like this, because they’re written in the third person… even though they’re typically written by the business owner. So, after several attempts to convey myself as the very competent professional I am; I have chosen to write my bio in the first person like it was a letter to a friend. Which… in many ways, it is.

J. Raymond Pearson, Jr., CPA

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I graduated Bryant University with an accounting degree in 1982 and went straight to work for Ernst & Young (formerly Ernst & Whinny). Being employed at the firm for two years showed me that climbing the corporate ladder wasn't for me. I chose to pursue my CPA certificate and I became a Board Certified Public Accountant in 1991, which led me to start my own firm in 1995.  Working in the financial consulting field for a number of years has provided me with the opportunity to meet a large variety of local business owners and assist them with financial planning. 

You’re probably wondering; "Will Ray really provide me with more value than the next accounting professional?"

  • My answer is absolutely yes!
  • I’m fully invested in the long-term success of my own business …and am therefore fully invested in the long-term success of my clients.
  • With over 25 years of experience in the accounting business, I have become very knowledgeable and skilled, I can help you. I always deliver outstanding service to all of my clients.

Here’s what you can expect from me

  • Actionable strategies and techniques you can use in your personal and business tax preparation and planning right now.
  • This will be followed by a unique professional business experience, unlike any other.

Here’s my suggestion to You

Go to my contact page & tell me a little about yourself, along with any questions you may have. Then we will book a consultation. You will not be disappointed!


Here's What My Clients Have to Say!

Gail G.

"Ray Pearson is an excellent accountant. I trust him with my finances implicitly. Ray carefully explains complicated tax rules to me with great care and patience. Ray returns calls promptly and is keeps everything extremely organized. I can't say enough good things about Ray. I am lucky to have him!"

Alex S.

"A trusted CPA with a deep understanding of financial and tax accounting. Highly recommended. I’ve worked with Ray for a number of years and am very happy with his work and professionalism. Always impressed with the fact that he is up to date with the latest tax laws and willing to put his clients interests as his highest priority."

Kevin F.

"Ray Pearson has been a great asset to our Family's financial planning. He goes well beyond the typical Accountant to help with strategic planning and consulting WITHOUT being asked. He's saved us not only our hard-earned dollars, but some real headaches by proactively advising us when he foresees an issue. He is a consummate professional and we are lucky to have his services."

Cindy D.

"Ray Pearson continues to provide me with prompt and personal service. I would highly recommend giving him a call, he has been great for my business finances."

Copy of Here's What My Clients Have to Say!